Mission Statement

To initiate procedures to improve flows in Haw Creek to reduce the flooding impacts from major storms.


Haw Creek is in a perpetual state of disrepair and exists as a liability within Columbus. Flood waters added to sediment and encroachment of its banks in 2008 and has not been addressed. Several bridges and dams create relative constrictions in populated areas. Previous generations cared for Haw Creek by removing sediment, trees and debris. As citizens of this community we are obligated to take responsibility for our waterways.

Improvement of Haw Creek should be a source of pride to the Columbus community. Citizens for Haw Creek was formed to initiate the process of repairing this waterway.

We encourage you to support Citizens for Haw Creek. Donate to help bring the petition to the Joint County Drainage Board. Sign the letter of support for the petition.

Basic Premise

According to the Minnesota Climate Office their area has experienced four 1-in-1000 year floods in the last 10 years. Severe flooding in the Midwest is the new "normal" as seen in Fargo, N.D., Nashville, TN, and Minneapolis, MN. Is Columbus next? Are we ready? NO !!!!

The fact is that the lower end of Haw Creek is in horrible condition, full of debris or accumulated sediments, eroding side slopes, concrete dams, and undersized bridges. Despite what the complicated, expensive computer modeling studies indicate, good old common sense tells us that any improvements to Haw Creek will reduce the flooding potential in the City of Columbus.

The goal for initiating improvements to Haw Creek, especially in areas where it parallels The People Trail Project, is to turn a Community liability into an asset the City can be proud of.